As the leader or fundraiser for your organization you may not always hear about your organization’s amazing successes stories because you are working behind the scenes. You know that your fundraising strategy could be greatly improved by having stories on hand to share with potential funders but because your staff and volunteers are so busy running the programs (and don’t have extra time to document and manage your organization’s testimonies) you also know that most of these success stories will be forgotten forever.

Join Natasha for this webinar to learn a simple, scale-able online strategy that will help your team gather and manage more stories helping you to engage and retain your current donors while helping prospects get excited about partnering with you financially to advance your organization’s invaluable cause.

Date: February 25, 2015
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Event: Simple tools to help your program staff collect and organize your nonprofit's success stories
Sponsor: The Storytelling Nonprofit
Location: Online
Public: Public
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Nonprofit leaders today are busier than ever. Competing demands of fundraising, volunteer management, human resources, your board of directors, marketing and program management force many of us into the role of trying to do everything ourselves to keep our costs low; however the overwhelm that results is (as we know) usually the high price we have to pay. If you’ve ever asked yourself how you can get some reliable administrative support without having to hire a full time employee, a virtual assistant may be your best bet. Register now to learn how to prepare for, hire, train and retain an administrative success partner whose sole goal is to make your life easier so you can focus on the high-impact projects you’re passionate instead of getting bogged down in the tedious day-to-day details of nonprofit management.

Date: April 23, 2015
Time: 01:30pm
Event: More success. Less stress. Effectively working with a virtual assistant
Sponsor: Community Volunteer Connections
Venue: Anvil Center
Location: 777 Columbia Street
New Westminster V3M 1B6
Public: Public

Does your nonprofit have its “target” in sight?

Guest post for Third Sector Today

Earlier this week I sat down with the admin team of a local nonprofit organization: the office manager, the operations manager and the ED’s assistant to discuss ways to simplify their team’s communication system. When I asked what they felt was their biggest challenge was they said that they had a lot of people who dropped into their programs but had no real system set up to keep track of anyone. They wanted to make sure that the people who were showing up felt welcomed and connected but also admitted that nothing was really being done to deepen the relationship after that initial meeting.

It was then that I asked them the ever-controversial, taboo nonprofit question that I almost dread asking – who exactly were they hoping to market to and develop relationships with. Silence. This organization had been around for 30+ years, surely they had a specific demographic they were looking to engage and serve, right? Wrong.

tomNatasha is an angel sent from Heaven! Her ability to quickly grasp a complex, multi-tiered, and multi-layered “universe” of ideas and options and mold it into a single “solar system” of cogent strategic thought is amazing. Natasha’s single-minded need for clarity of purpose, integrity of action, and focus on incremental steps toward success has helped me immensely. She is working with me on a massive project and is the perfect person to help me through my blind spots and get next-steps in place. Her ability to self-adjust toward my needs is innate and quite welcome. She is also quite a refreshing person to work with. I give her my highest recommendations! Work with Natasha and your planets will align! ~ Tom Schulte, Executive Director Linked 2 Leadership.

krisNatasha is one of the few entrepreneurs I look up to who is relevant and charismatic yet also focused and goal-driven. She is extremely busy yet always makes time for people, an life approach I consider to be GOLD. Additionally, her creative vision to seek out a highly-desired yet entirely ignored niche of adding value to the lives of those building NPOs going through their “teenage” years of growth gives me tremendous confidence in her future. ~ Kris Asleson, Founder Truth X Vision